About us

About our brand and the founder.

About Triple S Stretch Tents

Since 2014, we have been developing an producing high quality stretch fabric. Thanks to our unique cooperation with our supplier and sailmaker, Triple S tents provides the most fire-retardant, light and sustainable quality stretch tents and coverings.

We want to help you improve your business’ margins and that is what makes us stand out. Our tents are designed to help businesses, like yours, improve their market share. There are four characteristics that make our Flexsile Stretch 460 what it is:

  • The quality supersedes the prices.
  • Save on operational and personnel costs.
  • Lasts a long time.
  • It is compliance with regulations.

Over Bert

Bert Kuipers is an entrepreneur for whom “the best” is never good enough. To him, entrepreneurship is a wonderful and challenging activity. He really cares about quality service and he has worked in financial services since he was twenty three years old. Bert is a real team player. He loves working together with colleagues and cooperating with people who are great at what they do, especially in areas that are not his personal expertise. Bert’s approach is one of knowledge, skill and optimal service.


Using this approach, Bert took over the company TentieZ and changed the name to Flexsile Flexible Structures. Great stretch fabric can be used for more than tents alone.

Bert’s foundation is one of worldwide exclusivity and he started to cooperate with a producer who puts together these very unique stretch fabrics.

Triple S tents is part of Flexsile B.V. Flexible Structures, a company that specializes in the development of fire retardant and light stretch fabric. Flexsile B.V. is located in Leusden, in the Netherlands.

The Triple S tents label was founded for the development and sales of standard and custom stretch tents and fabrics in the Netherlands and beyond.