Standard Stretch Tents

Buy a stretch tent for your surface area.

Do you know the measurements for your stretch tent?

If you know the (approximate) surface area in which you would like to put your stretch tent, you can select a standard stretch tent. Of course, you still have options such as:

  • The color of the fabric (if desired, duotone).
  • Rope color.
  • Usage of kadors, loops or a combination.
  • Application of coupling devices for connecting multiple tents.
  • Additional kadors / loops around the tent.
  • Your logo or print (with a maximum of a 50 cm cross-section).
  • Wooden poles versus aluminium poles.
  • Extra’s: such as handy accessories that help with construction or deconstruction.

Example project

Triple S tents made a stretch tent for Kafé van Zanten in Amersfoort. This successful venue uses the tent to cover the the bar during parties and larger events. One of the advantages of their covering is that they can us it for other purposes as well. Various colors and sizes are available.

A stretch tent for your catering business or event location

Do you want your customers’ weddings and parties to be unforgettable?

Our stretch tents are great for any festivity, whether its a formal ‘white’ wedding or an extravagant dance party.

A stretch tent you doesn’t just protect your guests from sun, rain and wind but it also helps you provide an intimate setting. The coziness found in the sheltered surroundings add a new dimension to your location. Your clients want a place with a great atmosphere. Differentiate your business and create a more luxurious location using a stretch tent.

Stretch tents for your tent rental company

Stretch tents are a wonderful addition for any festival, party or business event. The tents can be used for dancing, dining, a bar, hospitality stage cover or VIP locations.

Stretch tents offer a unique covered sheltered space. When you use great lighting, a stretch tent will be an eye-catching, water proof space with a great atmosphere.

The tents are M1-certified, fire-retardant and light weight. This makes construction and deconstruction quicker, easier and cheaper. They are sustainable and they will last a long time, reducing costs even further.